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Pop Up Events

July 19th- Bash N' Brew (Iron Ox Brewing) 2-8 PM

July 20th- Pop Up (Jack London Village) 5-8 PM

July 21st- Pop Up ( Luther Burbank Center) 11- 6 PM

July 26th- Bash N' Brew (Iron Ox Brewing) 2-8 PM

July 27th- Pop Up (Jack London Village) 5-8 PM

July 28th- Pop Up ( Luther Burbank Center) 11- 6 PM


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We are proud to service all your raging needs! Please think of us as your anger concierge. Anything you want to destroy for fun, entertainment, or otherwise, we will try to make it happen. Call us anytime for information. (707) 892-0065​

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Private Events

Interested in hosting a private rage room experience? Visit our Contact Us page for more details and to arrange a personalized event.

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  • What is a rage room?

A rage room is a place where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room.

  • What if I don't have rage?

That is OK! A rage room can also be used for fun! It is a place to explore destruction safely and enjoyably.

  • Is it safe?

Totally! Safety is the most important thing. You will be given a helmet and gloves. You must wear closed-toed shoes and we recommend pants to protect your legs.

  • Can I bring my own stuff? 

Blackout offers a "Spring Clean" session where you can destroy your own items. Some restrictions with items do apply.

  • Are you really mobile?​

Yes, we are! Contact us and we can park in front of your house or event for a rage event.

  • Can I record my session?

We have it set up so you can record yourself using your phone! We sometimes livestream our events so keep an eye out on our social media pages.

  • What types of events do you do?

All varieties of parties, social gatherings, festivals, date nights, pop-up events, and more!

  • How many people can fit inside Blackout?

The trailer is 22' long so up to three people can fit in at a time. 

  • How long can rage inside Blackout?

As long as you need! Every basic session is 10 minutes but you can add as many sessions as you need. 

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